Fiduciary Insurance Company of America has a long history of success as a provider of Disability Insurance to New Yorkers and in 2005 began offering commercial automobile insurance to the “for-hire” auto industry.  In addition to liability coverage, Fiduciary also offers full comprehensive and collision coverage to certain classes of vehicles. 

Fiduciary Insurance Company of America knows that when you insure with us you are put your livelihood in our hands and we take this responsibility seriously.  Unlike a faceless corporation at FICA we know you and your business and, in fact, we insure our business right here with yours.

If you would like more information about FICA and the products we offer please browse through our website.  If you are interested in obtaining insurance with FICA please feel free to call us and we will assist you in locating a qualified and knowledgeable broker.  




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Loss Prevention

Fiduciary can work with your office or base to create a loss prevention program that can lower your risks and save you money. Contact your broker or underwriter for more information.


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